About Laskin

The Laskin Energy Park encompasses 150 developable acres in the heart of northeastern Minnesota, perfect for companies looking to leverage our mineral mining and wood assets. The region has a rich tradition of supplying iron ore to the nation’s steel industry and is on the cusp of mining and processing the world’s largest known undeveloped copper, nickel, and other precious metal deposits. A recent study indicates that within a 75-mile radius of the park, there are an estimated 1.45 million green tons of available Roundwood and Biomass available for annual harvest.


Today the park has two tenants; the Laskin Energy Center and Premier Plastics. We have three properties available for development…one is a 29,000 square foot building, Site C, a 9.5 acres site along the entrance to the park, and up to 150 acres which represents the balance of the park.

Minnesota Power is currently converting the 110-megawatt Laskin Energy Center to a natural gas peaking unit, transforming the power producer into the company’s first all-natural gas fueled facility.

For the last decade Premier Plastics has manufactured custom rotational molding and thermoforming plastic products for the recreation and marine industries at its Hoyt Lakes location.